Need information about Apple systems customized for your specific line of work? Interested in upgrading your business to a new Apple network? We can advise you on the the optimal equipment to purchase and provide installation and support. A consultation is a great way to start.

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Most companies don't fully understand how their websites are constructed and managed. If you don't, you may have little control over your own business identity.

 Learn if you're paying too much for hosting, site maintenance, or other web services by scheduling a consultation with The MacSmith. 

We can provide an analysis and insight to help you use your online resources effectively.

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We Wrote the Book... Again!

The MacSmith is pleased to offer the new edition of I Just Got My New Mac! What's Next? updated for macOS Catalina 10.15. This essential guide is helpful for beginners and anyone new to the Apple OS. Easy to undertand and filled with over 300 informational, step-by-step graphics, this book will help you to learn the core elements of your Mac. Order your copy here: 

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